Hello fellow clinicians. My name is Chris Johnson. I am an officer for Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, a flight paramedic with Bayflite, a lead instructor for Florida Medical Training Institute, and a hopeful future Anesthesia Assistant. I have been on the road for 12 years now, and I am tired of being considered a technician. As paramedics we deserve better.

I created this blog to aid in continuing education and to help students become the best paramedics they be….lets all become CLINICIANS!

14 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey man – keep it up. Good stuff here. Just got my NREMT-P in June. These are great posts – they help me remember the stuff I learned in school and provide fresh perspectives my instructors may not have had. Thanks bro. Be safe and keep em’ coming.

    • clinicalparamedic said:

      Thanks brother keep listening. I am starting simple for my students and I will slowly start posting some stuff for the seasoned medic!!

  2. Michael Poulin said:

    Chris, my name is Michael. I am a civilian FF/Paramedic with Dept of Defense in Newport RI. I really enjoy your presentation and the way you show them. Keep up the good work. One question, what is the name of the song you play at the start of your shows, I’m also into metal.

    • clinicalparamedic said:

      Thankyou. I really appreciate it. Do you have any suggestions for my next post? The song is called “Final Journey” by Godgory. Let me know. I working on an advanced 12 lead podcast which will be in multiple parts and I was also going to consider some ACLS stuff. What do you think?

  3. I enjoy your Pod casts. I’m a FF/EMT-P in NC. I’m also an EMS instructor. I use your pod casts from time to time to help teach students. My favorite so far was the one on ST elevation… very informative. Keep up the work.

  4. michael said:

    your podcasts are awesome. Taking my state next month, working for Sunstar now. Your podcasts helped a ton during medic school, during long rides to clinicals. What’s the quote in the beginning of the podcast from?

  5. Jason Davis said:


    Thank you so much for putting these podcasts together. I’m a paramedic student in CA, currently interning in Fresno County. Your lessons are entertaining, informative, and extremely accessible. I’ve recommended these to everyone I work with…KEEP IT UP!!!


  6. Jeff Daniels said:

    Posts are informative and your enthusiasm with the materials is very refreshing. Been a medic now for less than a yr and would like to get on the chopper someday and also AA or CRNA. Any advise.

  7. Stefan Mohr said:

    Hi Chris,
    i would like to tell you that i really like your posts. I am an emergency physician from Germany and actually working on my doctoral thesis in anaesthesia. So i would like to ask you for permission to cite your picture on mallampati score (see link below) in my thesis.

    Greets from Germany,

  8. William Belk said:

    I just wanted to say keep up the good work. I have been a paramedic for several years and plan to take the FP-C in a month or two so I have been reviewing anything I can get my hands on. These videos are well thought out and help me remember a lot of the “book” information that we don’t use everyday.

    Thanks again,

  9. I was wondering what text/materials/websites/anything you would recommend for studying for the FP-C exam?

  10. I was wondering what text/other materials/websites/anything you would recommend for studying for the FP-C exam?

  11. tsnyder31385@gmail.com said:

    are you going to make your podcast available on itunes again i’ve been trying to re-downlaod since the update and it is not available.

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